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BTA believes in the power of unique storytelling, and the actor that has the ability to tell their own.

Founded in the Fall of 2018, BTA has made it a mission to represent a select group of artists whose talent speaks for itself. Being a smaller boutique agency, we are able to give attention and resources to our individual artists while maintaining the artistic integrity of the company.

We are a SAG-AFTRA franchised talent agency located in Texas, New Mexico and California, representing both union and non-union actors for film, television, commercials, commercial print, and industrials. 


Lilly Bankston


Lilly is a graduate from A&M University, holding a bachelor's degree in business and associate degrees in marketing and management.

This former actress decided to take a step back from the spotlight to help other actors find work. After working for a local agency for several years, she took the leap to take on her own and shortly after, Bankston Talent Agency was born.



Kacey Roye


Kacey is a West Coast native, relocating to Texas in 2011. She attended Chapman University's College of Performing Arts for a BFA in Theatre Performance. 

With deep roots in everything theatre, and several years of on-camera and VO work under her belt, she's shifted her knowledge of various aspects of the industry to create and cultivate a diverse and dynamic roster. 

JT wider.png

Joshua Thomas


JT was born and raised in TX, and then spent most of the past decade in Los Angeles in nearly every aspect of the film industry; from casting to editing, and acting to directing. He has a large improv background and created a Youtube channel from scratch accumulating over 50 million views with narrative content. 


Transitioning to an agent in 2021 has allowed him to take his keen eye for casting and directing to selecting both experienced and newer actors for a varied roster, packed with natural talent.

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